want buy sth for csa??
April 25, 2010 @ 6:54 PM
kk. here again to break the silence?? as ur knoe csa goin to after term 2. so ur say ur want class outin with her?? where ur want go?? she can go tampines... but nt vivo so far... so ur want go tampines?? its suitable for both girls and boys mah?? anythin contact esther for info or suggestions. btw rmb to bring class tee on this fridae. ur class vcm will send ur msg to remind ur again. so dun nid worri ur forget. kk nth else?? yeahh... ur want buy something for csa b4 she leave?? like just a farewell gift , or ur also want a farewell party?? or ur just want th outin?? btw , tis outin , try everyone come... cas tis is the onli outin tat can have csa , so try make it there?? kk?? btw, pls tell ur schdule to esther too.. so she can arrange th timin?? btw , try make it b4 hoildaes, cas ppl will go overseas and others, but she might leave at 18-20 june. so b4 thn?? kk?? see ya tmr... buaiis~! dun forget study for tuesdae geography test =]