March 29, 2009 @ 12:42 AM
hELL0x >>>
its seeMs a loNg tiMe siNce i poSted ..hahas ..coz nO tiMe lehs ..haix ..dhen hw gOt sO mAny wor ..haix iTs killin miie !!!aNd ouR foRm teAcher isss ..bAck !!! i find heR okkayx larhx ..nOt reAlly bAd larhx ..unless we mAke hEr angry lorhx ..otHer dhan tAt ..i fiNd hEr okkayx ..friEndly ,and lAstly ...STRICT !!! she adMITTED tAt she wiLl be moRe strict dhan ms tAn ,,haix ..aNd e sAddest thing nOw is tAn is leAvin !!! daMn sAd rite ?haix ..dhen ..wE wiLl nOt hAv co-form tEacHer lia0xx ..lols ..lAstly ..i waNna sAy ..

i luRvees 1e2 !!!
lurvees ,
'xxϊå0 снεεяFũι εšš†нεя '
muAks !!! =)

March 25, 2009 @ 9:27 PM
hi ppl!!!

very frursted now! so tml may be a little bit bad mood! Thoes that read this plz tell thoes that don noe cos today i cannot print the sci thingy and then cannot go into MSN then cannot do the drama thingy cos lost script very sad!!!! Im sry for all bad moods about to be show sry!!oh ya Mrs Izal is a very nice teacher really!=)(

March 21, 2009 @ 10:34 AM

Th-meh meh yangies....MEHHHHHHH

U bored?
March 20, 2009 @ 12:35 PM
Are you all bored???

Something to buy u time.

2 word search puzzle.

Same questions....

Difficulty difference.

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2

It is to find the names of our classmates.

GL in completing...

-HELPABIT- make you unbored...

c.s-a ~
@ 1:09 AM
Ah just fun fun come onli & i saw the polls and my answer is:

Bois : None of the above, all of them are just the same ^.~
Gales : None of them too, i dunno them :<

But all the same, dun take it seriously, im probably the lamest person on Mother Earth 4eva. & im proud to say that -.-

So Bored
March 19, 2009 @ 5:40 PM
Eh, got do all your holiday homework anot, LifeLit I still waiting for Josiah, History I dunt know who in my group so i dunnoe what to do also. Home economic test coming up hope I could bomb the whole kitchen joking joking. Eh, sianz sia.

-Zeng Yong

im BORED !! >.<
March 18, 2009 @ 10:21 AM
Harlos all !! :DD

Sushi here.. once agn !! lawlz.. :DD juz wanted tuu remind all of eu tuu duu ur homework/projects !! :DDD haiz.. anywayz.. hope eu enjoy ur hols !! :DD

Sry tuu tell eu tht ur fwen,carkarine sushmitha, also known as sushi has died out of boredom..=.='' lawlz.. i realli veh sot sot ...grr .. BORED !!! T.T

Sayonara!! :DD

Pomelo here~~
March 16, 2009 @ 4:41 PM
Hihi guys...
Jus replying to Sue-Ann... LOl i gt play but i dun wan on9 haha ...

SA here
@ 11:34 AM
Erm...actually nothing la just 12 ask who got play audition often? I play myself very sian what... I know a lot of you play wan right?

Don't hide leh! Come and play with me la! (Joking, joking)

Sites (1e2-09 package)
@ 10:16 AM
These are the sites that can be linked coz i made it for the class.

****************************Added on 18/03/08 (My Bday)*****************************

I m trying out DNS services as you know for those whu read my blog u will noe, and managed to get part of the google apps working. In a few hours time, the other apps should work as well.

As per usual, it is hosted under Co.Cc (Free domain registration + DNS srv)
CO.CC:Free Domain

Another link back here.

Apps Services

-Coming Soon-
************************************************************************************* (You should be familar with tis site - I have cleared the lock for the latest event.) (This site features includes: File Upload/Hosting, Image Upload/Hosting, Blog Hosting, Gmap (Google Maps), Wiki (Our own Wiki without info - which can be filled with our research and our sharing.) >> There are some php errors which can be ignored as something gone wrong in th php.ini file of the host. However, if i allow the feature in the php.ini file, it may cause even more errors so pls ignore it. - The page will still load after 5-10 sec. (This link redirects to tis page)

Any Errors pls get a screen shot and send to


WOW .happy birthday HUIJUN !
March 14, 2009 @ 4:41 PM
WOW wee ~ tis is th 34th post liaos .hahas .so 'active' !

todae is huijun's b'dae .
i wish her a veri big happy b'dae !


hahas ,isn't tat sweet ?
awwws ...LOLS .i tink im crazyy ritex ?
yeshhhh ,im ! HAHAS .:/

Hui Jun aka Yangies here~
@ 3:01 PM
yoyoyo~my first po here wor~happi birthday to me (:

signed off by the meh meh yang

My blog
@ 11:22 AM
yo guys. Josiah here.
i have created a blog.
my blog is
Please visit it.

March 12, 2009 @ 9:34 PM

Robin(SoYABEAN) iz here and i want to say..... whats happening?? y Cant we juz 4give and 4get??....josiah n an qi being d class leaders iz wats d prob?......seriously......i dunno wats always left out..hehehe......

diz iz me being extra...............

my main thing here waz actually.......2molo, having  b ball match at bowen n my senior teamates iz not playin with us so it will b if u wanna see me make a fool of d match at 2 30 2molo.......and jie long, y say d thing yeo oso can ..we dun hate you....................HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS!!!!!!


@ 9:28 PM
Dear ppl I am trying to be serious in theis post by not trying to use any short forms.I noe(know)that the class is usually fun but i have to be serious about this thing.To tell you ppl the truth I also do no what is the matter but i hope this CHAIRMAN AND VICE-CHAIRMAN thing to stop and hopefully Ms Tan and MS Yeo can solve this problem I am sorry for being soo like very xian like that sorry ah.Now let get on with life ,thanks...

From Timothy( Student of Bowen Sec, Famliy member ,a friend in 1E2.)(No offence in this blog,really sry if gt offence !)

Jie Long Here...
@ 8:46 PM
Hi everyone, I hope that everyone will forgive me for nearly destroying the surprise party for Miss Yeo. Well, I posted mainly because I noticed that a lot of ppl in this class dislikes me. Pls tell me how I can improve on myself.=D

there's only We, no I.
@ 9:26 AM
hmmm, sorry everyone.. miss tan has been busy preparing your progress results slips, so have not really been coming to the blog. looks like you all have been "active" in putting up posts.

Josiah has told me time and time again that he wants to quit as a Chairman.. and i get very sad everytime i hear it. cause i truly think that he's a teenager with substance. meaning, he exhibits great leadership skills.

i agree with him totally that we have to treat people the way you want them to treat you.. like people who spread silly rumours, like who likes who, who did this, who did that, etc etc. you are not helping at all.

there are all kinds of people in this world, but we do not go up and laugh at them just cause they are different from you. all of you are in 1E2. it do you no good when you tease your classmates, or put your classmates down, etc.

Take it as a learning lesson, take it as a learning journey to help one another become a better person, not magnify the flaws of each and everyone of us. then, all of us will grow to be better people.

Josiah has told me that he doesn't want to do much already cause he's constantly under the scrutiny of your class. like he said, as long as he makes a mistake, the class will go, 'you chairman lerhx, how can like that?' so what if he's the chairman, he's the Class Representative, a person that represents the class dynamic, etc. Josiah is also another growing teenager, there will be mistakes that he will make, fun that he wants to try out, what makes him different from you all, is he knows clearly what's right and what's wrong.

So i hope that all of you can help one another grow, be open minded enough to accept opinions from your classmates and learn from it, etc. The classroom is never meant to be a place with hatred. if you really cannot get along with someone, just keep quiet.. and be big hearted.

It has come to the end of term one, i think our class has been through quite a bit to bring everyone together.. some of us are losing patience, some of us are still willing to put in effort into us. So let's encourage one another and work hard together! (:

miss tan.

I agree with josiah.Fm Nithin
March 11, 2009 @ 8:06 PM
Chairman and vice-chairman have lot of stuff to do and it is not easy managing the class.You can't demote josiah and an qi so fast.And,i agree with josiah that the class did not own up and pushed the blame towards jie long and jun jie.I hope next time the whole class would own when the whole class is noisy.That's all.Anyway how is life going on after the common tests everyone?

i am josiah
@ 7:41 PM
Hi, i am writing this post with regards to timothy's post. He said,'' Chairman can do a lot of stuff."
I agreed with what he said. But being a chairman has some disadvantages too. First disadvantage, chairman means a man of authority right? so when he do something wrong, most of you will say" chairman bad example" right? You agree with me? That's why i don't like to be. Secondly, chairman has to take care of the class right? He had to shout, shout, call teacher to help him and punish those who defy him. i don't like to do all that. Like the an qi incident, she told mr goh. he came in and scolded everyone. he even also punished jie long and jun jie. it was unfair right? everyone except an qi did something wrong but jie long and jun jie took all your punishment. It is unfair right? why don't he punish the whole class except an qi? why? that is also why i don't to be chairman. If you don't agree with me, you talk to me the next day ok?

Timothy here mans
@ 4:52 PM
hey i noe josiah write the demote chairman one rite?ya......y u don like to be chairman? Chairman can do a lot of stuff(plz don gt the idea of me being the cm(chairman))We chose you bcos you capable so do your best ok?I don care you must do all the best! Same to the vcm too
(~hope this mseeage will not offend anyone or it will self-destruct in 10000000etc years)

Timothy =)(why call me timone ?)

@ 3:56 PM
LOLS why you all always say Josiah not good actually he is very good de lors. Why wan demote him ,even though he does not do his job HAHAS!!

March 10, 2009 @ 6:47 PM
I managed to reduce the size of the formally 1.2GB performance to 74MB!!!!

However, the effect wasn't as good as before... Sad!!!

the other 800MB, I am try my best to reduce to the lowest possible size...
The total size now is 10MB+10MB+75MB, much less alr...

I have uploaded the videos alr... will giv the site when done.

The site is

The loading is rather slow thus may hang halfway when playing.
I suggest allowing at least 2 - 5 mins to load.

How to let it load?
Play the video till it starts, pause and it will start to load.

Otherwise, use the external player/downloaded file.

Anyways I will keep updating...


Update on vid
@ 5:34 PM
This will be my first formal update for the video.

I have encountered some trouble using Sony Vegas Pro 8 for the video as the sound has been compressed from 5 minutes to less than 3 minutes and both the music and words sound weird.

I will be editing the entire part of the video using WMM and hope that the effect can be as good as SVP8.0 and as well as to be able to make it on time.



Pomelo here~
@ 3:14 PM
Hihi all, Anqi has done a great job...Dun sat bad things about her leh...She's a nice person except sometimes a bit fierce (no offence~~)Anyway is some of us choose her as vice-chairman... =)
I dunn wanna here rumors abt bad things in class...No nice de...

KK gtg le tata~

SA ( sue ann )
@ 3:05 PM
Why u all say An Qi lyk that? Very bad leh yall! After all she got work hard and contribute to the class right? In actual fact, i think Josiah contribute less leh. Maybe u bious? In the future, u can complain about me in the blog i won't care. Anyway, i dun visit blogs, but maybe An Qi have? She's my fren, dun say her lyk that!

S.A And Pomelo here~
@ 3:00 PM
Hi, please dun call me tiny.Pressure!

Hello,Fm knitting
@ 2:24 PM
Hi everybody!It took me some time to find this blog.That's all from me

March 9, 2009 @ 4:12 PM
Hello PolAR BEAR HERE.....

This is my first time in this blog lols.. i dint know about this blog until somebody told me.

March 7, 2009 @ 9:23 PM
I din noe the entrance key tis blog until Timothy (If spelling error pls tell me, unless short form) told me... nvr tell me de...

Anyways FYI, the video, to those whu helped me u shld noe which vid, IOW the performance video size is approx 2,000,000,000 bytes (2GB). So, how do u tink i shld bring it to sch? Comments pls type in SHOUT/SCREAM/TAG/(or wadeva u call it) BOX!

All comments are welcomed! No unnecessary comments!

Sandwiched in the middle, Sandric

For Ms Yeo Don let her see this !
@ 5:17 PM
hi ppl,

timone is here.What ever i wite here plz don let ms yeo see ok? Sadric our video editor a.k.a (so called director) has completed the video for ms yeo (it includes the pics and the dramma and the trailer (he made it up!)so ya he finished the video) Don be absent on fri to see this magnificent video! TREE CHEERS TO THE PPL FOR DID FOR THE VIDEO!!!You too ms tan!!!

From the 'middle guy' in class

Yoz pple...
@ 11:52 AM
Yo guyz, Playboy here. First of all i wanna thank weirdo aka athena for creating this awesome blog...
Second, 1e2 Ownz! and last of all if i find the people who did the stupid blog post which might land the rest of us in trouble , they will be sooo dead. cuz apart from mr dom goh's incident shes ok wad....btw i didnt post the blog post

Taking off, Playboy

hELL0S >>>
March 6, 2009 @ 10:22 PM
hELL0S >>>
very busy this few days so nvr post lehs .
firstly ,i really wanna thx ATHENA for creating this class blog .("thx arhx ,athena .eu really done a damn good job seh")
secondly ,i really think tat an qi has done her best .she really commited herself into being a vice-chairman .i really appreciate it .("thx arhx ,an qi .keep up e good work ")
thirdly ,i really wish to say ...I'M FRUSTRATED !!!i wanna my voice back .now having sore throat .damn irritated sia .haiz .
anyways .i really wish tat 1E2 can be more hyper .and not so ...not hyper ..pls .1E2 rocks this earth rite ?so keep on e chiillyfries too !HYPER ROCKS THIS EARTH !!
kkayx ?thx arhx ...muaks ...lurvees eu guys .. :)

' xxiα0 chεεrful εSS†нεя '

Hi err im timothy here...(mg)
@ 9:42 PM
hello ppl,

heard you ppl getting fed up with An qi. Why ar? I noe she very fierce sometimes and very moody also but I thnk she ok. Since she was voted for this position i think she is ok. Anyways chill out don so stress leh.....very scary one you noe. Juz imagine the whole class so stress....anyways happy holidays!!!!(to you ms tan too!)

From timothy(hope there is no offence in this blog...=))

Bout the changes of vice-chairman !
@ 6:48 PM
I had been to the class blog everyday but this is the first time I post . I know some of you are not happy bout the way I work , but to me , I do wat I think is right and I ought to do , the class makes noise and I don't do anything bout it , is it you want a vice-chairman like this , sure , I would be happy to be a kind of vice-chairman you all would like to have , its fine with me !! You want to change the vice-chairman , sure my pleasure , but please you dare post , you dare admitted . Its really fine with me if the class really wants to change the vice-chairman !! The most I quit wats the big deal ?!?!?! Don't worry !!!! lol !! Just to tell you if u really wants to change then change la !!! I replied , u really wants to change then change la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( An qi )

im so feirce (?) LOLS .
@ 5:50 PM
Hahas ,im so feirce(?)
lols ,oh yay .
sooooo ,always put ur name after a post arrx ?
ALRITEX ? or esle ...hehehehehes ...
hahas .im sooo EVIL .
okayyx ,skip tat .
ohyar ,all of th normal chi ppl ,
dun forget do u all th chi project arrx ,
is supposed 2 b handed up on nxt mon .
n tis includes SA marks !!!
wow wee ~(quoted from sherlyn) .
oh ,n still gt drama journal ,
dunno wad 2 write oso .
LOLS ,er ,
still gt wad arrx ?
ohhs ,science !
th vernier callipers tingy .
lols ,i dun tink i bother do lorhs .hahahas .
okayyx ,i tink tat's all ritex ?
dun blame mii if i missed out sum .
ohyar ,every1 ,
lols ,ltr i ownself oso forget ;P


New voting for vice-chairman!!! -NOT-
@ 5:20 PM
If you were to vote for a new vice-chairman , who will u vote for ???
There are :
- Esther
- Jolene

- Preethika
- Sushmitha
- or still remind An qi

Please make ur choices , and post them on the tag box , we will talk to ms tan bout it !!


ms tan here...

im am very shocked to see such a post here. cause it's very insensitive of whoever posted this up here. there's a discussion, but this is a public blog. anqi is part of 1e2 so she has every right to come in and view this blog. if you're the vice chair and there's someone trying to get a petition on to let the teacher choose another vice chair. how will you feel? more over the preferences are typed onto the tagboard. a BIG NO NO. and you want to change the vice chair, you jolly well tell me the reasons why... to me, an qi has totally given her best in carrying out her duties... i seriously don't see a reason in changing... and because of Mr Dom. Goh's incident that the class hated her, i can only say that you all are a revengeful lot. Don't think i don't know that you people openly talks about our vice chair.. i've overheard conversations, read blogs, etc.. it's totally unpleasant... what's wrong?? what's going on? can anyone tell me why are you all so insistent on changing the vice chair?

utterly disappointed

muahaha.. lawlz.. im mad.. =P
March 5, 2009 @ 5:50 PM
hehehe... hiies all~~~

hmm so hu am i?? im sushi larhx de.. =P de japanese food eu order frm sakae sushi or de japanese food tht makes robin get diarrhoea .. hehe.. =p so... nth much de.. juz wanted tuu sae hi!! our class rawks man!!! n miss tan n miss yeo rawk oso~!!! i lurbe eu!!! omg.. im lyk esther .. hahax.. anywayz.. rmb dis?? *XD =P* goes de little green frog one dae.. *XD =P* goes de little green frogggg.. n so on .. song veri nice hor ?? =P soo nth much de.. im lyk so bored.. hmm.. owh yea.. those hu hav msn .. add me~~ .. nth much de..

Sushii =P

YO mans(and err WOmans)
March 4, 2009 @ 10:48 PM
yo mans yo

guess me who,me talking like crazy coollllllllllll...........................BLOG me not devin,nope not robin and No not joshua.........................................ITs "me"the mystery guy(mg)love this blog,e2 super rox man go all teh way to play and study(actually study is more impoant)thanksDudes lurve this PLACe OOOO ya!!!!!

frOm,Mg(HAHAHA Never noe who i m hahaha...)

March 2, 2009 @ 9:46 PM
Wee ~
thnks athena 4 cr8in tis class blog .
is like 'WOAH ! DAM NICE SEH !'
iloveyou !!! lols ,
ppl readin tis post (dun b dirty-minded) ,
zzz .
ok .jus wan 2 tel u guys .
u all mst kip tis blog alive horx .
mst POST arrx ?
RAWR ! >.<
im crazy der larhs .
u all noe one larhs .
lols ,
wil gif u all th pw n username tmr ?
is tat okay ?
hahas ,
n pls indicate ur name after a post .
hahas ,ms tan nv put =X
MS TAN;put 4 u liaos .
hahas ,
okayyx ,tat's all i wan 2 say !

Bbyes !

im da role model. *evil grin*
@ 9:44 AM
whee.. im posting?
just figured out since im the co-form of 1E2, i should set an example yeah?


Congrats to Sushi and Pretty on getting the scholarship from bowen!
*throws confetti*

and guys, have you all spotted the Class Deco 2009 recognition outside our class?
OMG! super proud of you all! (: (:

you're the perfect class
(minus the unnecessary noise, show a little bit more care towards your classmates, accept one another for who they are, etc.) grins.

i love all of you, all the best for your common test results! (though i don't really look forward to collecting your home ec results.)

Ms Tan :D