June 24, 2009 @ 8:26 PM
hELL0x ~~~


[ this p0st is sth i think eu alr kn0w ..
but i was t0ld t0 remind eu aqn .. ]

1) please remember t0 brinq y0ur ODT (oral diqital therm0meter )

2) there is a TRAVEL DECLARATI0N F0RM , which is currently beinq sent out jux today ( 24 / 06 / 09 ) . please fill up th f0rm and brinq it t0 school .

3) D0 N0T WEAR P.E. !!! please wear y0ur unif0rm ..

4) please brinq y0ur ties t00 .. * it is TIE DAY !!! (:

5) AYG is cancelled .

^^^ all this are t0 be br0uqht or w0rn or n0ticed 0n 28 / 06 / 09 . ( 28 JUNE 2009 ) . th first day 0f school . ._.


sch00l h0lidays are n0t cancelled !!!

muahaha ...


ohk .
please take n0te uhh ..

thankxx ~~~

l0ves ,

Class Outing
June 10, 2009 @ 9:05 AM
Hi! A long ge here! As you all know, we had a class outing yesterday. Basically, we just have to find people for the whole afternoon! Hide And Seek- The emergency one! Haha! Anyway, Other than that, here are some things that happened at Vivo and some of our classmates:

1) Yong Heng has been begging for water for the whole afternoon but he just cannot go and buy it! He actually wanted to but was stopped by calls from other people going to the outing

2) Esther cannot walk for very long distances! Josiah runs fast but walks very slowly! Most of us also have a very bad sense of direction!

3)We played hide and seek in Vivo! I know that sounds mad but, WE DID! It did not really went well, I was the first and the last one to be caught! (should have stayed in toyr'us but I must come out!:) The hide and seek game became a rescue mission when it was getting really late!

4) We had FUN! Maybe we should organise something like this again! (Minus the rescue mission) Haha! End Of Post Enjoy your holidays!

For Class Outing
June 8, 2009 @ 9:40 PM
Hello ALL,
tis is the last comfirmation.
ALL those who going TMR 10.30am meet at hougang mall.
We are eating lunch at hougang mall and going to vivo next.
(Info By Esther)

Provided BY Kenn Hong

June 3, 2009 @ 10:01 PM
hey ..

pls DO NOT MSG ME !!!

call miie or jux taqq miie ..

kkayx ?


loves ,
--- ❤ ESTHER ---

June 1, 2009 @ 11:20 PM
heys 1E2 !!!

for th clAss outinq , are eu ppl fine with th venue ?

or th movie ?

whadd movie do eu ppl wanna see ??

call miie or taq at my bloq .

th date is confirmed on 9 june .

meetinq place is houqanq mall ( KFC and MAC outside tadd exit . th biq biq shelter dhere )

time is between 10.30am - 11.00am .

eu hav 30min to arrive. XD

kkayx . tadd's all .

call miie for furthur enquiries ..


loves ,
--- ❤ ESTHER ---

C l a s s O u t i n g
@ 10:40 PM
Just wanna ask and tell you guys something.
Is "Night At The Museum 2" out in 2009? Coz if it is then I suggest you watch something way newer, if there are any, at the movies, and watch this Night At The Museum 2 on the net for free. I'll give you the link, if you want then watch if still wan go movies watch then nvm.


This is the link so i hope you watch here and dun waste money when you can get it free. This web, http://movie25.com just go there and try to search for new movies you want to watch but not released yet. I dunno how they got it but.. oh well.

Some good movies I've found on this website (they may not be new) are:

LEGALLY BLONDES (dun forget the "s" its important!)
TAKEN (a super cool action movie and some blood too)

Some versions dun work so you'll just have to cross it away and try the next version lo. Go try out the website la, I guarantee you won't regret it (i dun guarantee spoilsports).


a lil' something to share...csa~
@ 10:02 PM
Ya hi,
June hols are here and some of us go wee~, some go blah-, and some go what the?!... I'v just taken up a new hobby/ interest/ sport or whatever you might call it. Its table tennis, or ping pong. But whatever might comes next, its gonna be funny. Well it is to me.

1) My sis & i, played against each other today on the dining table.
2) She gave a smack at the ball but it flew off some place.
3) My sis chased after the ball, bouncing lower & lower.
4) Squatted down, gave a terrific scoop upwards, mean to bounce it bak to the table, say she
so pro.
5) It fly up high while she still squatting on the floor, head tilted up watching ball. Hit ceiling.
6) Gravity pulls ball down at great speed. She shriek & lower her head (still squatting).
7) TONG! Ball hits my sis on the head!
8) I learnt 1 thing bout her. That "tong" sounds proves her head to be hollow.

I lauged till my stomach hurts lo! Damn funny! But in the end we didn't continue the game. My sis angry I laugh so much liao. Too bad.