April 26, 2009 @ 6:43 PM
HEYYAAHHHH everyone.
My first time posting (:

Feeling th exam stress?! hahas.
Study hard kayxzs, aft exam everyone can relax.
Who wanna have a class outing aft exams ?!
Tagg if wan kayyxzs.

Eeee-twooo is alwayzxs {♥}ed.



April 19, 2009 @ 9:44 AM
54th post ....COUNTING ,COUNTING
okayyx ...since no one post ..
im crazyy .ignore tat .
erm ...okayyx ,wat shld i say lehs ?
i nt sure myself oso ehs .
hahas .dhen whye i cm here to post ?
zzz -.- erm ,okayyx .
ppl from 1E2 ,try to kip tis blog alive !!!
tis blog is gtin dead .
zzz -.- little tags n little posts .
arghhh .hahas (:
by kipin it alive ,jus tag more xD
hahas .th post ...erm ..neh minds larhs .
hahas ,lol .okayyx .
is tat all i wanna say ?
i nt sure ..
lemme tink ...um ...erm ...
here's all th hw :
-SCIENCE CHAP 5 SUMMARY (by nxt fri)
-MATHS W/S 5.3 (finish all)


erm .th on9 quiz tch haven post yet lehs ..
aiyoooh .dhen i dunno larhs .okayyx ,
end of post .
buhbbyes (:
iloveyou all [:

ohyar ,ohyar ,

April 14, 2009 @ 9:49 AM
Miss school for 2 days. How's life there? Super sickening at home, so boring! But at least I get to sleep in an air-con room, hahas. When I go school tomorrow I might die. Have a lot of homework anot har?!

Anyways I didn't come to see class blog for quite awhile liao. Either I didn't get to on com, or I can but watched cute animes. Being sick ain't rocking.... Gotta stick onto the bed with hankies stuck to me forehead and neck. Sponging sponging all day long, make my shirt damn wet, uncomfy.

Worse, I didn't get to eat the fries and you tiao my ma bought home. And my toungue sot sot liao. I get to eat my splendid fishballs but I didn't get to taste it! I only feel the heat in my mouth but no taste came out. Hope I get better soon and then can eat fries and fishballs and TASTE them!


About Site
April 12, 2009 @ 10:01 PM
Hi ppl!!!

Anyways today i m posting coz i m looking for a 1e2 web master for our events pages and mayb even an archive page coz some ppl keep losing things (like me).

Looking for a trustworthy 1e2 webmaster tat does not fool around.

Pls volunteer coz you can get to change the pages and play with the domains and of coz, you can do anything you want with it provided you do not break the host rules.

if you wan, pls email me at any of the following addresses.

or sandricng@gmx.com

and also, visit all our classmates blog and leave a tag and tat would be nice!!!

tats all i guess!!!

HelpABit, Help everything by a bit

April 11, 2009 @ 3:14 PM
hELL0x >>

aBt e clAss t-shiiRt ..we'll diiscuss it iN schOOl aGn ..bUt dhose wh0 hAve v0teD ..pls doNt chAnge aNymoRe ..kkayx ?> :]

aNd a greAt applAusse to aN qii aNd jOsiiAh ..oN theiir wiNNing .. :] eu tw0 hAve ceRtAiinly doNe our clAss prouD .. we will RESPECT eu !!! our chAirmAn aNd viice ...we LURV33S EU !!!

lurv33s ,
.:: εšš†нεя ::. ♥
muAks !!! <3 :]

@ 10:15 AM
Hi 1E2. This is your blind person here.
I am sorry to tell you all that we got last. That we did not have ice-cream sorry. Looking at Wei Ren video, i noticed that I did not overtake anyone. so i am sorry. but i was not sure. I think the results would be posted by next week. I am sorry that Our relay sucks. We all did not run fast enough. Hope you forgive us. Please....... I am begging you!!!!! Please.........

cLaSs T-sHiRt VoTe PlEaSe
April 10, 2009 @ 6:26 PM
Hiie here i am again well i am here to update some information :
Number :
1. please remember do history MCQ Test latest 11Th April , i know some of you don't have your passwords or user ID , I will try to ask Ms Lee if can extend the due date ;
2. Maths online quiz on hey maths , password and user ID for those that did not change their password the password should be their NRIC no. ;
3.Class T-shirt , Ms tan have got a flyer on a supplier and have given the flyer to Athena , and she and xueli is mostly to design the pattern and designs of the class tee for your , so if you have any enquires ask them and suggestions or idea tell them ;
4. I had put up a poll on the announcement board on the colour of the class tee the choices are mostly most of your favourite , so please vote and the majority will win , please take note only teachers or 1e2 Pupils can vote cas this only consent them ;
5. The winner for the past most handsome guy is ... Yeah your should know who ...TIMOTHY , Esther Gan bro .... So ... that's it ;
6.Maths worksheet must do too the algebra worksheet was it 5.2 or 5.3 i think is 5.2 yeah
7. The Exam slip those who have not handed in please pass to me latest Tuesday , 14Th April

If i am not wrong that's should be about all , yeah think so too , so please take note of all those points , Thank you !

Anqi a.k.a Donut girl -.-"

csa here
@ 6:08 PM
Err.... hope you still remember who I am lolx. Anyways I just thought of something la. Err I don't really know how to put it but.. example people from Singapore are called Singaporeans, people from Malaysia are called Malaysians. So if we are from 1E2 "Chillifries", it would be wierd... Chillifriens. Chilli-frens. LOLX!

Joking, joking, don't take it seriously. Actually just wanna ask, is "Chillifries" our class name or what others refer to 1e2 people as? Or is it both? Ugh, I'm confusing myself. Having headache. Hope I'm not confusing you 2.


Wei Ren - Sports day
April 9, 2009 @ 11:42 PM

Yo! I am going to put some pictures and video in the class blog. There are some pics and video in my blog also. Hope you enjoy!

This is Josiah, Chee Wai, Preetika and Jolene on the field, seating there till their turn.

This is the trophy that Anqi won for the 800m (girls).

Woo Hoo! This is me, Chee Wai and Josiah who had just won the bronze trophy.

(Sorry for the shaking of the camara or any inconvenience

This is the mixed relay we have been looking forward.

Timone and Pumba....for the rest of your days.....
@ 6:57 PM

hi ppl!!!

i juz came to see wads new and was browsing the nicknames rite?actually sum don make sence(cents(sry for the nick name creators))like siew hwiee is quick which sounds kind of funny rite?But sum are not funny then is juz dumb!(this is a complement-seriously no offence)anyways hows the Sports Day ? did we win? i didnt go cos gt the choir thingy....costume super nice!!(black suit with long pants and long sleves)Plz tell me ASAP at:i wont tell for ???reasons...
thanks ppl! how is the T-cuming? i hope is also nice!!!Cheers!!!! Remember to check my blogS: http://www.timothy-choosations.blogspot.com/

From Timone the meerkat!!(NPCC ROXS MAN!!)

April 8, 2009 @ 6:24 PM
Hiie , long time no see , ( OK that's just a joke since we always meet in school ) since no one been updating the blog cas ms tan say our tag box very active but post dead le , i think everyone is busy so never mind , OK first thing first , tomorrow is the due date of the travel plans for the good Friday long weekends , i don't think anyone is going overseas is there !?! and the exam slip , wow , going exams soon ha ha , jiayou !! everyone OK work hard !!! Er ... anyone want to work on the Class T-shirts cas 1E1 have theirs , so anyone want one !?! and the poll , er i am going to change soon so please vote when i change them ... and tomorrow sports day , can come please come except choir members who cant come never mind , jiayou for choir !! and er i think i cant run tomorrow for 800m girls , i don't even know if there is finals tomorrow , so if yes ,i cant run cas i injured my hips , very pain so i cant run , so only have Sheryl running , Sheryl jiayou , i support you !! Er... yes ... debate , well don't blame Wei Ren cas he tried his best , i can tell he is nervous , so jiayou , keep it up , and yeah , i think you all should have guessed the results , yes , unfortunately , we LOSE to 1E4 , so ... we have one more round , if we win , we can go finals , if lose , then that's the end unfortunately , so ... OK i think Fiona from 1E5 will win first , sorry 1E2 pupils i cant get 10 points for your , sorry , very sorry , never mind still got Sheryl , so Sheryl jiayou ! yeah that's all ! Er... I am so sorry , hope no finals if not i lose le , sorry very terribly sorry cas i really very pain , i hurt during the PE on Tuesday we run 2 rounds then i run too fast , i think i will tear my muscles if i continue to run tomorrow so sorry , i will make it up for your eventually i think , so sorry ... :(
Anqi a.k.a Donut girl
P.S So SORRY !!!!:(

Josiah's drama group
April 5, 2009 @ 7:54 PM
Today is definitely an interesting Sunday for me ^^. I meet up with Josiah, Pei Yu, Dong Mei, Hui Jun and Jega for our drama rehearse as we did badly last week. After some pratice which is quite short we had our own free time. Btw, Josiah did some embarassing things sia I bet u guys cnt imagine tat rite? First, he mistook a auntie for Dong Mei, nxt when dong mei come, he call her dong sia cfm lyk her nxt he hide behind Pei Yu n we ask him why then I go say he want to molest her haha we laughed at all these. Sry Josiah coz u say can post only bt cnt spread so I post on class blog lar. Btw I was asked to do this by Hui Jun. U guys can also find similar things on my blog pei yu also^^

-Zeng Yong