a lil' something to share...csa~
June 1, 2009 @ 10:02 PM
Ya hi,
June hols are here and some of us go wee~, some go blah-, and some go what the?!... I'v just taken up a new hobby/ interest/ sport or whatever you might call it. Its table tennis, or ping pong. But whatever might comes next, its gonna be funny. Well it is to me.

1) My sis & i, played against each other today on the dining table.
2) She gave a smack at the ball but it flew off some place.
3) My sis chased after the ball, bouncing lower & lower.
4) Squatted down, gave a terrific scoop upwards, mean to bounce it bak to the table, say she
so pro.
5) It fly up high while she still squatting on the floor, head tilted up watching ball. Hit ceiling.
6) Gravity pulls ball down at great speed. She shriek & lower her head (still squatting).
7) TONG! Ball hits my sis on the head!
8) I learnt 1 thing bout her. That "tong" sounds proves her head to be hollow.

I lauged till my stomach hurts lo! Damn funny! But in the end we didn't continue the game. My sis angry I laugh so much liao. Too bad.