Class Outing
June 10, 2009 @ 9:05 AM
Hi! A long ge here! As you all know, we had a class outing yesterday. Basically, we just have to find people for the whole afternoon! Hide And Seek- The emergency one! Haha! Anyway, Other than that, here are some things that happened at Vivo and some of our classmates:

1) Yong Heng has been begging for water for the whole afternoon but he just cannot go and buy it! He actually wanted to but was stopped by calls from other people going to the outing

2) Esther cannot walk for very long distances! Josiah runs fast but walks very slowly! Most of us also have a very bad sense of direction!

3)We played hide and seek in Vivo! I know that sounds mad but, WE DID! It did not really went well, I was the first and the last one to be caught! (should have stayed in toyr'us but I must come out!:) The hide and seek game became a rescue mission when it was getting really late!

4) We had FUN! Maybe we should organise something like this again! (Minus the rescue mission) Haha! End Of Post Enjoy your holidays!