C l a s s O u t i n g
June 1, 2009 @ 10:40 PM
Just wanna ask and tell you guys something.
Is "Night At The Museum 2" out in 2009? Coz if it is then I suggest you watch something way newer, if there are any, at the movies, and watch this Night At The Museum 2 on the net for free. I'll give you the link, if you want then watch if still wan go movies watch then nvm.


This is the link so i hope you watch here and dun waste money when you can get it free. This web, http://movie25.com just go there and try to search for new movies you want to watch but not released yet. I dunno how they got it but.. oh well.

Some good movies I've found on this website (they may not be new) are:

LEGALLY BLONDES (dun forget the "s" its important!)
TAKEN (a super cool action movie and some blood too)

Some versions dun work so you'll just have to cross it away and try the next version lo. Go try out the website la, I guarantee you won't regret it (i dun guarantee spoilsports).