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May 24, 2009 @ 11:36 PM
Well, we hav gt back most of our exam results. R u ppl happy with it??? I m sure happy except for sum coz short by few marks. Anyways ppl is saying tat tis blog iz going "dead". So, lemme make a post since I dun really post on tha class blog.

lets see the tags.

Lance: Man, this blog is dead
This blog will nvr be dead as long as sumone is there tagging lol.

Jie Long: I posted enough, all of you should post
Posted, tis is my post...

25: AGGGG!!!! CAN smone break free of this bordom!??! BREAKING FREE!!!
Bored? Find smth to do lar...

Sandric: Tags
Nth to tag so TAG lo... lols

--- ❤ ESTHER ---: hehe .. pls re-liNkiies !!! (:
I wish to noe, can't u do it urself??? there is sumthing in tis world called DIY ... but nvm i tink gt ppl do it lers

Jie Long: Wow I thought I am the only one who like that song!
Jie Long: Breaking Free?
I din noe tat...

jielong: just when you think the spamming has ended, think again...
True, it may happen, i guess tats wad u r saying.

Anyways, have a gd time @ whereva u are/go, eg. science centre tis coming tues, have a gd holiday!!!

This concludes my post.