Timone and Pumba....for the rest of your days.....
April 9, 2009 @ 6:57 PM

hi ppl!!!

i juz came to see wads new and was browsing the nicknames rite?actually sum don make sence(cents(sry for the nick name creators))like siew hwiee is quick which sounds kind of funny rite?But sum are not funny then is juz dumb!(this is a complement-seriously no offence)anyways hows the Sports Day ? did we win? i didnt go cos gt the choir thingy....costume super nice!!(black suit with long pants and long sleves)Plz tell me ASAP at:i wont tell for ???reasons...
thanks ppl! how is the T-cuming? i hope is also nice!!!Cheers!!!! Remember to check my blogS: http://www.timothy-choosations.blogspot.com/

From Timone the meerkat!!(NPCC ROXS MAN!!)