April 8, 2009 @ 6:24 PM
Hiie , long time no see , ( OK that's just a joke since we always meet in school ) since no one been updating the blog cas ms tan say our tag box very active but post dead le , i think everyone is busy so never mind , OK first thing first , tomorrow is the due date of the travel plans for the good Friday long weekends , i don't think anyone is going overseas is there !?! and the exam slip , wow , going exams soon ha ha , jiayou !! everyone OK work hard !!! Er ... anyone want to work on the Class T-shirts cas 1E1 have theirs , so anyone want one !?! and the poll , er i am going to change soon so please vote when i change them ... and tomorrow sports day , can come please come except choir members who cant come never mind , jiayou for choir !! and er i think i cant run tomorrow for 800m girls , i don't even know if there is finals tomorrow , so if yes ,i cant run cas i injured my hips , very pain so i cant run , so only have Sheryl running , Sheryl jiayou , i support you !! Er... yes ... debate , well don't blame Wei Ren cas he tried his best , i can tell he is nervous , so jiayou , keep it up , and yeah , i think you all should have guessed the results , yes , unfortunately , we LOSE to 1E4 , so ... we have one more round , if we win , we can go finals , if lose , then that's the end unfortunately , so ... OK i think Fiona from 1E5 will win first , sorry 1E2 pupils i cant get 10 points for your , sorry , very sorry , never mind still got Sheryl , so Sheryl jiayou ! yeah that's all ! Er... I am so sorry , hope no finals if not i lose le , sorry very terribly sorry cas i really very pain , i hurt during the PE on Tuesday we run 2 rounds then i run too fast , i think i will tear my muscles if i continue to run tomorrow so sorry , i will make it up for your eventually i think , so sorry ... :(
Anqi a.k.a Donut girl
P.S So SORRY !!!!:(