Josiah's drama group
April 5, 2009 @ 7:54 PM
Today is definitely an interesting Sunday for me ^^. I meet up with Josiah, Pei Yu, Dong Mei, Hui Jun and Jega for our drama rehearse as we did badly last week. After some pratice which is quite short we had our own free time. Btw, Josiah did some embarassing things sia I bet u guys cnt imagine tat rite? First, he mistook a auntie for Dong Mei, nxt when dong mei come, he call her dong sia cfm lyk her nxt he hide behind Pei Yu n we ask him why then I go say he want to molest her haha we laughed at all these. Sry Josiah coz u say can post only bt cnt spread so I post on class blog lar. Btw I was asked to do this by Hui Jun. U guys can also find similar things on my blog pei yu also^^

-Zeng Yong