April 14, 2009 @ 9:49 AM
Miss school for 2 days. How's life there? Super sickening at home, so boring! But at least I get to sleep in an air-con room, hahas. When I go school tomorrow I might die. Have a lot of homework anot har?!

Anyways I didn't come to see class blog for quite awhile liao. Either I didn't get to on com, or I can but watched cute animes. Being sick ain't rocking.... Gotta stick onto the bed with hankies stuck to me forehead and neck. Sponging sponging all day long, make my shirt damn wet, uncomfy.

Worse, I didn't get to eat the fries and you tiao my ma bought home. And my toungue sot sot liao. I get to eat my splendid fishballs but I didn't get to taste it! I only feel the heat in my mouth but no taste came out. Hope I get better soon and then can eat fries and fishballs and TASTE them!