cLaSs T-sHiRt VoTe PlEaSe
April 10, 2009 @ 6:26 PM
Hiie here i am again well i am here to update some information :
Number :
1. please remember do history MCQ Test latest 11Th April , i know some of you don't have your passwords or user ID , I will try to ask Ms Lee if can extend the due date ;
2. Maths online quiz on hey maths , password and user ID for those that did not change their password the password should be their NRIC no. ;
3.Class T-shirt , Ms tan have got a flyer on a supplier and have given the flyer to Athena , and she and xueli is mostly to design the pattern and designs of the class tee for your , so if you have any enquires ask them and suggestions or idea tell them ;
4. I had put up a poll on the announcement board on the colour of the class tee the choices are mostly most of your favourite , so please vote and the majority will win , please take note only teachers or 1e2 Pupils can vote cas this only consent them ;
5. The winner for the past most handsome guy is ... Yeah your should know who ...TIMOTHY , Esther Gan bro .... So ... that's it ;
6.Maths worksheet must do too the algebra worksheet was it 5.2 or 5.3 i think is 5.2 yeah
7. The Exam slip those who have not handed in please pass to me latest Tuesday , 14Th April

If i am not wrong that's should be about all , yeah think so too , so please take note of all those points , Thank you !

Anqi a.k.a Donut girl -.-"