hELL0S >>>
March 6, 2009 @ 10:22 PM
hELL0S >>>
very busy this few days so nvr post lehs .
firstly ,i really wanna thx ATHENA for creating this class blog .("thx arhx ,athena .eu really done a damn good job seh")
secondly ,i really think tat an qi has done her best .she really commited herself into being a vice-chairman .i really appreciate it .("thx arhx ,an qi .keep up e good work ")
thirdly ,i really wish to say ...I'M FRUSTRATED !!!i wanna my voice back .now having sore throat .damn irritated sia .haiz .
anyways .i really wish tat 1E2 can be more hyper .and not so ...not hyper ..pls .1E2 rocks this earth rite ?so keep on ..be e chiillyfries too !HYPER ROCKS THIS EARTH !!
kkayx ?thx arhx ...muaks ...lurvees eu guys .. :)

' xxiα0 chεεrful εSS†нεя '