Sites (1e2-09 package)
March 16, 2009 @ 10:16 AM
These are the sites that can be linked coz i made it for the class.

****************************Added on 18/03/08 (My Bday)*****************************

I m trying out DNS services as you know for those whu read my blog u will noe, and managed to get part of the google apps working. In a few hours time, the other apps should work as well.

As per usual, it is hosted under Co.Cc (Free domain registration + DNS srv)
CO.CC:Free Domain

Another link back here.

Apps Services

-Coming Soon-
************************************************************************************* (You should be familar with tis site - I have cleared the lock for the latest event.) (This site features includes: File Upload/Hosting, Image Upload/Hosting, Blog Hosting, Gmap (Google Maps), Wiki (Our own Wiki without info - which can be filled with our research and our sharing.) >> There are some php errors which can be ignored as something gone wrong in th php.ini file of the host. However, if i allow the feature in the php.ini file, it may cause even more errors so pls ignore it. - The page will still load after 5-10 sec. (This link redirects to tis page)

Any Errors pls get a screen shot and send to