New voting for vice-chairman!!! -NOT-
March 6, 2009 @ 5:20 PM
If you were to vote for a new vice-chairman , who will u vote for ???
There are :
- Esther
- Jolene

- Preethika
- Sushmitha
- or still remind An qi

Please make ur choices , and post them on the tag box , we will talk to ms tan bout it !!


ms tan here...

im am very shocked to see such a post here. cause it's very insensitive of whoever posted this up here. there's a discussion, but this is a public blog. anqi is part of 1e2 so she has every right to come in and view this blog. if you're the vice chair and there's someone trying to get a petition on to let the teacher choose another vice chair. how will you feel? more over the preferences are typed onto the tagboard. a BIG NO NO. and you want to change the vice chair, you jolly well tell me the reasons why... to me, an qi has totally given her best in carrying out her duties... i seriously don't see a reason in changing... and because of Mr Dom. Goh's incident that the class hated her, i can only say that you all are a revengeful lot. Don't think i don't know that you people openly talks about our vice chair.. i've overheard conversations, read blogs, etc.. it's totally unpleasant... what's wrong?? what's going on? can anyone tell me why are you all so insistent on changing the vice chair?

utterly disappointed