Bout the changes of vice-chairman !
March 6, 2009 @ 6:48 PM
I had been to the class blog everyday but this is the first time I post . I know some of you are not happy bout the way I work , but to me , I do wat I think is right and I ought to do , the class makes noise and I don't do anything bout it , is it you want a vice-chairman like this , sure , I would be happy to be a kind of vice-chairman you all would like to have , its fine with me !! You want to change the vice-chairman , sure my pleasure , but please you dare post , you dare admitted . Its really fine with me if the class really wants to change the vice-chairman !! The most I quit wats the big deal ?!?!?! Don't worry !!!! lol !! Just to tell you if u really wants to change then change la !!! I replied , u really wants to change then change la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( An qi )