E2 E2 yeah
February 27, 2009 @ 4:42 PM
Sorry for dhe complications on dhe last class blog. >.<
So welcome to 1E2's new class blog. ^ . ^
I redid everythin so dhe blog is different.
Sorry if you dun like dhe new layout.
If you dun, give suggestions so i can make more
suitable layouts.

Ok so we need this blog oraganised so i'm
making Jolene an admin other than me.
We will be in charge of typing out announcements.
Layout design.
All in all we are gonna be in charge of everythin.
If things dun get done as fast as u wan please be patient.
Anyway your free to post anytime u wan and anythin
u wan to say and talk about.

Main admin/blog designer: Me
Co-Admin: Jolene

Signing off...athena-WEIRDO.